Success and Failure

Success is just failing over and over again, until you succeed. ~ JP ~

Let’s face it. No one likes to fail. In fact failure in western society is looked down upon with disdain. We are taught from an early age that we should do certain things in life to “succeed”, examples of this are that we should go to school and get good grades moving from grade to grade getting ever more “successful.”

Success in our culture means winning. Losing is not even a thought amongst most of us, because losing is failure. Failure is painful because most of us have been trained from a very early age to believe that failure is bad, that failure is to be avoided at all costs.

We have been lied to by our parents, teachers, employers and society.  It really isn’t their fault though, the “failure is a bad thing” mentality was taught to them from their parents, teachers, employers and society, and
so it was passed on to us like a virus. Failure is not a bad thing and with the right mindset “failures” can be a launching pad for further reflection and subsequent course changes in our life.

Failing must be looked at with an eye towards change instead of an end game. We all fail, every single day. Everyday millions of people beat themselves up for not doing something the “right” way.  The Greek philosopher Socrates has been attributed with the quote, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

I agree. When we do or don’t do something and then feel like we have failed, instead of berating ourselves we should take Socrates advice and examine our actions with an dispassionate observer’s point of view. Examining and thinking through actions/inactions will help in discovering the real reasons for the supposed failure.

Failure is only as permanent as we let it be. Failure is a teaching tool, a moment in time and should be dwelled on it order to grow and change, but not to wallow in. The next time you feel like you have failed yourself or another, give yourself the space to step back and realize that you are human and that it happens to everyone. Failure can defeat you or propel you onto bigger and better things with the mindset of self-forgiveness and inner reflection.

Go out into the world and fail big! Success however you define it is always built on the ruins of failure. Always.



My two cents

There has been much said over the last few days about the school shooting. I am not going to add more to it but to say that I pray for the families of those who lost their precious children.

Now, on to my point. People are sheep in this country. Something done by one person who is disturbed has so many having a completely insane knee jerk reaction. Ban Guns!

Why do people blame the tool and not the person? Why are people so convinced that giving up yet another freedom is going to make them safe? Why are you living in fear?

The news media is fanning the flames of discontent like they always do, turning the real issue (mental illness and societal problems etc) on its ear and blaming the easiest target they can. The Tool used to commit the crime.

The sheep that walk the streets of this country, watching American Idol every week want to feel safe. I don’t blame them, I want to feel safe; who doesn’t?

The difference between them and me and people that think like me is simply this, I am willing to take responsibility for my own safety. I do know that the police and government can not and will not be able to take care of me or my family when someone in a mall, school or the workplace decides that they are going to pull out a weapon and start killing others.

WAKE UP! You are responsible for not only your and your families safety but others around you that can not defend themselves, such as children and the elderly. I have already made up my mind long ago what I will do if confronted by this reality.

I will fight, I will defend, I will run towards the violence and do my level best to stop it, even if that means that I die to protect others. You and only you are responsible for your personal safety. Not the media, police or anyone else. You.

Stop blaming the tools used be it a bomb, gun or plane and be a person who rather give their life in service to others than lie down and die, or worse, beg a corrupt system to “save” you by taking away just a little bit more of your freedom.

I hope that I have reached someone even if it was one person who stops to think that being a sheepdog is better than being a sheep.

Live well!