Ok, so what comes next?

Entropy is a bitch. Make friends with it.



Don’t let anyone tell you that they know what happens after your bodily processes cease to function. No one really knows, but some who have “passed through the veil” and returned, have seen a glimpse.


Some see God, some see deceased relatives welcoming them to heaven. Then some see a dark place, a place of rest…oblivion. Those people’s stories are what I am interested in. Why is their experience with death so different than the souls that see God and heaven? I have a theory; the individuals that find that place of oblivion are at peace with death. They know that everyone and everything is subject to entropy.


Entropy, it is not just a destroyer but a recycler or sorts. Entropy is an “inevitable truth” of things. There is more to the story as you will see. Entropy works along the opposite line as well. Death, Destruction, the passage of time, an instrument of Entropy/Life, growth, development, reproduction, old age (if you are lucky) and Death that gives life to other beings. Trees grow up and take in the nutrients of their fallen ancestors. Yes the circle of Life is driven by Death and Death is driven by Life.


Humans are afraid of Death because of its seeming permanence. We spend so much time as a race running from Death, all the while knowing in our hearts no matter what religious or spiritual belief that we may hold dear to us…that Death will outpace us someday and we will submit to the final embrace. Religion is based on the fear of Death. The question is not how we should prepare for Death and the afterlife, but how are you living today?


Are you a decent human being? Do you try to help others when you can? Do you take care of your family? Do you show loyalty to your friends and loved ones? Friends that is all that we can do as people. Do the best you can every day and if you can make a difference in someone’s life. Be the superhero for the person that needs it. We are only here for a short time. Examine how you feel about Death. Don’t shy away, talk to Death. Make it your friend and hang out with it. Death isn’t to be feared any more than Life is.


Entropy is inevitable, make a peace treaty with it now while you still have a say in at least your part of the relationship. Maybe if you find the reasons you are afraid to die, then you might find a more compelling reason to live a full life.




“There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.”


~ Miyamoto Musashi ~


The modern life with all of its wisdom as wonderful as it can be at times is hollow. Advertising agencies, government, public institutions and the like would have you believe that you have to seek all of your answers and information from them. When you seek “your” truth by looking outside of self (heart-self), you become a volunteer (notice I did not say victim), nay a willing participant in manipulation and hypnosis.

Notice how you feel after watching a television commercial. Do you want what they are advertising? Are you hungry after that burger commercial? Are you feeling a sense of discontent? Do the words or images go through your mind like a song stuck in your head? Congratulations! The advertisers of said product have hooked you. They manipulated your attention; put you into a suggestable state of mind with a catchy tune and bright flashy colors, and you never even noticed.


Now imagine if you will a young child maybe 2-4 years old. That young child is still developing mentally as well as physically. A precious child, which we as parents unknowingly throw to the wolves of consumerism every time we let them watch television or go on the internet without supervision.  That young child will be bombarded by thousands of advertisements and influences blasting through our televisions until they are adults. All the while a lesson is being taught…consume.


Manipulation comes from outside of us and television and the internet are just two of the newest and sadly most effective ways to influence and manipulate the masses. Stop participating in the manipulation of your life. Stop believing everything that you are told without thought. Stop looking to politicians to fix your problems. Wake up! The politicians and media want you to stay asleep; that way the manipulation is easier and you feel nothing.


You are the only one that can change your life, by work, by struggle; by thought and deep consideration of what is “your” truth and what it means to you. Seek nothing outside of yourself.





You are your pain

This morning as I went about my routine it occurred to me that my aches and pains were part of me. In America and the western world we have been taught through repetition of the media, doctors, parents and teachers to “find the quick fix.” The usually means taking a pill and treating the symptom rather than the problem.

In modern parlance it is now called a “hack” or a “life hack.”  The problem is that it has developed from a way to shortcut a process to save time and energy, to becoming a way to give away our power and responsibility for our own lives. The process of living, even if it is in pain, is to understand ourselves first and others as we learn.

There is no shortcut to life, it must be lived and felt; even if it is painful. It is in our nature to feel pain. We are corporeal beings and along with the pleasing feelings of joy, love, and exhilaration we must and will feel pain in order to grow. I recently asked my mother when she was complaining about her painful knees to me if she had ever asked her pain why it was here. The bewilderment and astonishment on her face was interesting. The thought to look into her own mind and ask her self questions never occurred to her.

How many of us do this without thinking about the separateness that we impose on ourselves with outdated thinking? We are our pain just as much as we are our joy. There is no separateness. Not in ourselves, not with others, not in the Universe as a whole. The thoughts of separateness are in our mind. The divisions of race, religion, politics, are an outdated version of “reality” that are no longer serving the human race or the Earth.

Don’t run from your pain, feel it, ask it questions and then listen to the answers and heal yourself first, then others, then the Earth that we all live in. Reach out with your feelings and be brave enough to set aside your preconceptions and world view. Open your mind to the process, the journey if you will.

Being in pain is not unique, it is a right of passage. That being said, pain does not have to be crippling if we remember that the life we are all living is a process from birth to death, and our job is to learn from all the aspects of being human.

The next time you feel pain before running to the medicine cabinet to “treat the symptom”, take a moment and sit with your discomfort. Ask yourself, what is my pain trying to tell me. To rest, to move, to stretch? Only you can know the answer your body gives you. It is a message that is for you, from you.

As I heard on the Rich Roll podcast recently, “The process, is the process, is the process.”


The last day



In a cold winter’s night the moon just past full hangs in the sky, a reminder that mankind’s measurement of time is completely arbitrary. If you were to ask the Earth what year it was, what answer do you think you would receive? I would suspect no answer at all. It would not be because the Earth (Gaia) is not capable of answering but because the question has no answer.

Humans are so fond of measuring things, money, time, the dimensions, energy output all kinds of things. In the end though what does that lead to? Control of the environment? Good guess I suppose but with the limited lifespan of the individual human and the small amount of “geological time” that humans have even been walking on the surface of Gaia, who is really in control of the environment?

I do not think that it is humanity. We could all be whipped off of the surface with a strong solar storm (radiation) global deforestation, nuclear winter you name it, there are a lot of ways to get rid of us pesky humans. Gaia has rid herself from thousands of species in her long existence. What makes humanity any different?

We are not special here we are among many other species that we as a race seem to think that we are here to control and use at our will. If anything we should be caretakers of other beings on this planet, not overlords. It is folly to believe that the rate of killing on this planet can be kept up indefinitely. It is wrong to kill in most cases. The killing I am talking about is and has been going on, on a global basis for so long now that it seems normal to the unaware masses.

Today is not the last day of any year in particular it is just a mark made by humans to try to find some sense of control. The “time” has come for us all to wake up to the fact that there are others beings on this world that need our help, need our kindness, need or kinship. If we can’t even be kind to other people how then can we be kind to other species, let alone our beloved pets.

As you spend the first day in an artificial New Year tomorrow, ponder my words but better yet find an animal, a person or even yourself and be generous, loving and kind…you never know it might be the last day you see the sun rise over the horizon. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you could not find some humanity in yourself and reach out to others even if it is your cat or dog and give them some of your love?


Be well,





Walking alone along life's pathToday my wife and I were discussing why certain things in life happen. It came to me that “things” don’t really happen to us but more we are presented lessons. I suspect you know what I mean if you have been on this planet for a while. You get that feeling of needing to get something done, or move on from a relationship or a job for example.

At first you ignore it, then you rationalize why you should stay where you are. Fear creeps in telling you that things are “not so bad”. Well, let me tell you something dear reader, if you get those nagging thoughts and feelings and don’t act on them they keep coming back over and over, then the Universe, God, Spirit (insert your favorite deity or thought process, religious belief etc, here) gives you something that you can no longer ignore, a health problem, a broken marriage or relationship, family issues you name it as it could be anything that really gets your attention and holds it tight.

Me, I am having a health problem that has been plaguing me for many months. I won’t go into what I was ignoring in my situation but I will tell you that I now have an issue that is holding my attention completely. I have been forced to deal with the lesson that the Universe has seen fit for me to learn.

It is time to let go, to release our hold on what we are clinging to so desperately. Our pain comes from holding on to things and situations and people who are doing us harm and our sub-conscious mind knows it. I suspect that we know it consciously as well; if we are honest with ourselves that is.

I am being honest here. I am letting go because I have no choice now. It makes me sad that fear of change has gotten me to this point but it has. My family and I deserve better than what I have been holding on to. It is of no matter then, the damage is done, the Universe has my attention and I will change. I am ready, willing and able, all it requires is an act of faith and the willingness to “flow” with what is, not what I want it to be.

I know that as I drift and stop trying to paddle upstream without even a paddle this time, I can rest in the assurance that life will unfold the way it should with or without my resistance to it. There are forces far greater than each of us in play. A lesson learned again.

The Universe must be really patient with me…I keep having to learn the hard way.

Letting go now…