The Warrior’s Prayer Part Five

In dedication I honor the courage within me.
In eternity I have compassion for the nature of all things.
In dedication I honor the courage within me.  When life is going “good” for us and things are working out we tend to not think much about courage. When things are not so good, our car breaks down and the repair bill is high or we have a leaky roof or a hundred of life’s ups and downs, courage is not so easy.
Courage is a quality that is built over time, through adversity and trials. Courage itself is constructed when situations in our lives are not so rosy. Courage is the ability to be afraid and yet move forward and to do what must be done. We all have courage within us. It takes dedication and forethought when times are easy and our lives are not in turmoil to be able to plan and reach for our inner strength when we need it the most.
Honor yourself, you are all-powerful beings, stronger than you realize. The day-to-day grind of modern society makes us forget who we are, a being of light. Shine your light for someone, show courage even if you don’t feel it at first and stand up to the negative self talk and the abuse and anger of others. You are valuable! Walk this Earth in your limited time here as a giant!
In eternity I have compassion for the nature of all things. In our short-sighted view; it is easy to forget that we are eternal beings. Being consumed by sensations in the physical form that we are occupying at this moment in time is common. Everyone that you encounter in your time here, plant, animal or human has its own nature and has its place in the time-space continuum. The mosquito has a place that fills a need as well as a cow, dog or person.
Being compassionate towards other beings is showing love and compassion for yourself. Having compassion for yourself is showing compassion for others. It is a circle of light that can never be broken, a bond with the very fabric of the Universe itself. Compassionate behavior reaps benefits farther down the timeline that you might imagine. Compassion is Love and Love is Compassion.
Be compassionate and have courage this day and everyday for you are far more than you think.
Be well,