Pogo 8.17.2010


Many of us profess that the system we have is a mess.
What do we do about it though? Some would say it is just a show.
Animals by the millions slaughtered each year. So, so many die in fear.

Eating those beings that we say we care about, killing them to feed our mouths.
Animals feel fear and pain just like we do, but a blind eye is turned at the table.
Feeding our children the anguish and terror of these animals telling them it is all a fable.

I speak today for the animals, the ones that are eaten and those ignored and neglected.
My heart speaks to your heart, please stop eating others, they need our protection not exploitation.
It is our job as humans…protection.

Would you eat your dog? Or cat? Does it break your heart to even think that?
Pigs, chickens, cows and the like. They are no different than your family pet.
Take a chance, make a bet. That you will stop today. Stop killing and eating animals!

Look into the eyes of any animal and what do you feel? Indifference, respect, love?
We are part of a the web of life, not at the top of the heap because humans will one day sow what they reap.
Take a stand, eat a vegetable, root or fruit. They will keep you alive and well…

By not sending another animal through hell.
JP ~ December 2015.



Listen to the sound of the wind.
Listen to the sound of running water.
Listen to the sound of a burning fire.
Listen to the whispers of the night.
Listen to the messages of your own heart and fear not the pain.
Listen for the happiness that comes with the rain.

Recognizing Strength

This morning an interesting thought took hold of me, if you recognize strength in yourself ,can you see it in others? If you can see it in others, does it bother you? Does recognizing strength in other people make you shrink from their strength as well as your own?

You might wonder where I am going with this line of thought. What I am trying to convey is that I believe that some among us are not only afraid of other’s strength but their own too. Being strong is far more that physical, I would say that most of your personal power is mental and spiritual. Knowing yourself on a fundamental level gives you a base of stability to draw from.

The problem for most people is that they do not understand how to pull from this basic part of themselves. Finding out who we are in this life takes time and self-examination that most are not going to do without some kind of crisis like the death in the family or divorce.

The so-called “Mid-Life Crisis” is one of those times of examining priorities that teach us about ourselves. If you are younger than that, why wait? Ponder what makes you who you are, look inside for what makes you strong and powerful as a person. If you are older you have probably already done this and more than once. What have you learned from your journey?

For everyone it is different and it is an important process that we all must go through, no exceptions. Seek out your inner strength, seek to understand the “real” you. Others do not live in your reality, only you do. Live in your world with dignity, grace and purpose or be a slave to someone else’s ideas of what is right.

Take the steps you need to take, walk down the path, for you have no choice in this. Walk, run, skip or crawl if you must but take the initiative before life forces it upon you.

You are far stronger than you know.


Be well.



Carbon Based Lifeforms

One of the loves of my life is music. All kinds of music in fact as I will listen to most anything or at least give it a good try. Lately I have been listening to an artist call Carbon Based Lifeforms. It is a strange mix of electronica and ambient music that is very easy to get lost in while surfing the web, working or like right now, writing my blog post.

I have always had music in my life from a very early age and have gone through many stages and genres. Music to me is more than sound, it generates memories both good and bad and evokes a sense of time and space that nothing else I have ever experienced has.

Music is as personal as food and clothing preferences. The type of music that you listen describes you, just as what you wear conveys to the world that you are you, unique in every way.

The last couple of years I have been getting my music from places like they have lots of free or pays as you will music by independent artists. The music is good and the artists are accessible by email. I like to talk to the people who create my entertainment, it give a sense of connection and worth to the music that you don’t always get with mass-produced products.


Be well and enjoy the music.



A blank canvas

As I set here looking at a blank page, I wonder what I should write today? Then in occurred to me to just write and do not think about it too much. How many great works have been written by people who did not have a clue about what they were going to write that particular day?

Thoreau, Steinbeck, Walden and many of the greats all had those days I suspect where no matter what, the urge to write was there but nothing would come forth onto the page. Sometimes the page is a blank canvas full of possibilities with nothing to put on it. I am but a beginning writer and do not compare myself in any way to the authors I have cited.

However; for me it is one of those days as nothing notable comes to mind, but the urge to write is almost overwhelming. The blank canvas taunts me with its white background, the sea of swirling potentialities to let my mind come forth with something intelligent to say and to share with all of you.

But alas, not today for the harder I try the farther away it gets…

So like a butterfly that you try to catch always but is just out of your grasp, I will rest and let ideas come to me for there is tomorrow with more blank canvases and burgeoning ideas to share.

Be well,