Ok, so what comes next?

Entropy is a bitch. Make friends with it.



Don’t let anyone tell you that they know what happens after your bodily processes cease to function. No one really knows, but some who have “passed through the veil” and returned, have seen a glimpse.


Some see God, some see deceased relatives welcoming them to heaven. Then some see a dark place, a place of rest…oblivion. Those people’s stories are what I am interested in. Why is their experience with death so different than the souls that see God and heaven? I have a theory; the individuals that find that place of oblivion are at peace with death. They know that everyone and everything is subject to entropy.


Entropy, it is not just a destroyer but a recycler or sorts. Entropy is an “inevitable truth” of things. There is more to the story as you will see. Entropy works along the opposite line as well. Death, Destruction, the passage of time, an instrument of Entropy/Life, growth, development, reproduction, old age (if you are lucky) and Death that gives life to other beings. Trees grow up and take in the nutrients of their fallen ancestors. Yes the circle of Life is driven by Death and Death is driven by Life.


Humans are afraid of Death because of its seeming permanence. We spend so much time as a race running from Death, all the while knowing in our hearts no matter what religious or spiritual belief that we may hold dear to us…that Death will outpace us someday and we will submit to the final embrace. Religion is based on the fear of Death. The question is not how we should prepare for Death and the afterlife, but how are you living today?


Are you a decent human being? Do you try to help others when you can? Do you take care of your family? Do you show loyalty to your friends and loved ones? Friends that is all that we can do as people. Do the best you can every day and if you can make a difference in someone’s life. Be the superhero for the person that needs it. We are only here for a short time. Examine how you feel about Death. Don’t shy away, talk to Death. Make it your friend and hang out with it. Death isn’t to be feared any more than Life is.


Entropy is inevitable, make a peace treaty with it now while you still have a say in at least your part of the relationship. Maybe if you find the reasons you are afraid to die, then you might find a more compelling reason to live a full life.



I wrote this on my Facebook page today and thought it would make a good post.

Someday the fractions between humans will be a thing of the past. Maturity for now escapes the human race. Arguing about things like religious beliefs, politics and race will be replaced with peace and exploration, both within and without.

For today though, sadly we are stuck with the same worn out arguments about who’s god is the right one and who is right and who is wrong and who has the right color skin. Sad. People are just people and in the end, we all end up as worm food.

Think for yourself, make your own choices and seek what works for you. In the end you have you and all of the things that you think are so important will fade away. Children, wifes and husbands, all of it is just a thin veil of what is real. Dogma is the result of others people’s thinking, noise that you don’t need to listen to if you choose to be an individual.

Be prepared to be shunned by the tribe. The tribe is wrong when all of them herd around thinking the same thoughts and saying the same things. Free will and choice has been bestowed on us by our creator.

Free will is supposed to be used! Use it wisely and don’t be afraid of using it like a weapon if you need to. Life is short and we don’t really know how long we have to live.

Live free and love life, it could all be over today, or tomorrow or a life time from now…

Think outside of the box because
sheep live in boxes of their own making. I am not a sheep and have suffered and continue to suffer the slings and arrows of others who do not understand how to be free, who fear as I once did to let go of the need to please the tribe.


On being a stranger

Jon realized as he walked into the home of his ex’s and her new husband, kids, grandchildren and other assorted family that he was always going to be an outsider. Jon had become a stranger, even to his children because of a difference of opinion.

You see Jon had created a rift first with his ex-wife and then with his children over his difference of opinion about faith. Jon could not believe in the way that they did. It is not that Jon was not a spiritual person, he is, just not the “right” faith apparently.

So Jon walked through life being a stranger from his own family and now he found it extending to yet another generation, a generation that he helped bring about. Jon thought at this point, “Why do I even try”? I will always be an outsider from the “tribe”.

Rejection by your own tribe can be painful, even fatal under the wrong circumstances. But giving in to “groupthink” was unacceptable to Jon then and still is now. “Alone it is then “, Jon thought to himself as he entered the room, knowing that he was not really welcome, but tolerated because somehow they knew he had a right to be there.

Jon knew it would be like this though, many years ago when he decided to be an explorer. Being free requires sacrifice and the sacrifices that Jon had made had been many, the pain felt real. However the sovereignty and strength that Jon had acquired along the way made it worth it in the long run.

Someday he would be able to look his grandchildren in the eye and tell them with a clear conscience and a sense of purpose, to follow their own calling and not give in to “groupthink”. The tribe is not always right or wrong for that matter, and it is alright (even if unacceptable) to the tribe to follow your own path.

Setting an example for others to follow is harder than following the tribe. The feelings of exuberance and free will to be your own person unchained from dogma had changed Jon through the years. It had made Jon quietly aware that he was resilient and flexible in the face of violent mediocrity.

So Jon sat down among the people who had once been his tribe and observed. Jon then smiled to himself and waited for the inevitable snide comment that always came, the hurtful barb that could only come from a limited point of view. He waited and felt no pain when it came, for Jon was having a moment of Satori.

Jon’s spirit rose above the anger and tears at that very moment and he finally understood the meaning of the old saying, “The lead pioneer always takes the arrows”.

Be Free today,


The Middle East

This morning on the way to work I sometimes listen to NPR radio. Mind you, NPR is very liberal in its reporting style but one of the things that I do like is that they talk about things that most other news outlets do not. At the very least the angle they use on their reporting is different.

One of the stories this morning was on the rising tensions between Iran the United States and Israel. Iran seems hell-bent on being a nuclear power and then using a weapon to start a war in the Middle East. As I am listening to this I find myself wondering, when will mankind ever grow up? When will the drive to “be right” be overcome by the biological imperative to survive.

Why must nations act so irrationally? Over what? Arbitrary lines on a map saying “this is ours” and that “is yours”. When are people just going to be people and start looking past the political and religious divisions that have fueled violence for so long? The whole idea of warfare on a global or even a regional level is ludicrous. War is an outdated way of solving problems, killing is not the answer and never really was.

Mankind is intelligent, but our emotions get in the way of that intelligence. If Iran creates their own nuclear weapons ,will the western powers “allow” it to have them? I would suspect not, that alone will be enough provocation for Iran to use them in “Self Defense”.

I am sickened by the thought of the death of possibly millions of people and the environmental destruction that such a war would have on our whole planet. Set aside your emotions and your politics and religious views long enough to think about any of us going to war yet again on a scale that has not been seen in human history, before it is too late.

There is only one way for all of us to survive this, the way of peace and rationality. Overcoming our childish behavior and turning to a way of life that does not involve trying to force your lifestyle on anyone else. You can start today by giving up the need to “be right”. Let others live the way they want to live, to choose freedom or not, to worship or not and just finally look within yourself and know that it is alright to not worry about what the person next to you is doing with their life.

Live and let live, do it now for yourself and humanity.


Be well,