Ok, so what comes next?

Entropy is a bitch. Make friends with it.



Don’t let anyone tell you that they know what happens after your bodily processes cease to function. No one really knows, but some who have “passed through the veil” and returned, have seen a glimpse.


Some see God, some see deceased relatives welcoming them to heaven. Then some see a dark place, a place of rest…oblivion. Those people’s stories are what I am interested in. Why is their experience with death so different than the souls that see God and heaven? I have a theory; the individuals that find that place of oblivion are at peace with death. They know that everyone and everything is subject to entropy.


Entropy, it is not just a destroyer but a recycler or sorts. Entropy is an “inevitable truth” of things. There is more to the story as you will see. Entropy works along the opposite line as well. Death, Destruction, the passage of time, an instrument of Entropy/Life, growth, development, reproduction, old age (if you are lucky) and Death that gives life to other beings. Trees grow up and take in the nutrients of their fallen ancestors. Yes the circle of Life is driven by Death and Death is driven by Life.


Humans are afraid of Death because of its seeming permanence. We spend so much time as a race running from Death, all the while knowing in our hearts no matter what religious or spiritual belief that we may hold dear to us…that Death will outpace us someday and we will submit to the final embrace. Religion is based on the fear of Death. The question is not how we should prepare for Death and the afterlife, but how are you living today?


Are you a decent human being? Do you try to help others when you can? Do you take care of your family? Do you show loyalty to your friends and loved ones? Friends that is all that we can do as people. Do the best you can every day and if you can make a difference in someone’s life. Be the superhero for the person that needs it. We are only here for a short time. Examine how you feel about Death. Don’t shy away, talk to Death. Make it your friend and hang out with it. Death isn’t to be feared any more than Life is.


Entropy is inevitable, make a peace treaty with it now while you still have a say in at least your part of the relationship. Maybe if you find the reasons you are afraid to die, then you might find a more compelling reason to live a full life.


Time to think

The last couple of weeks I have been home on short-term disability (work imposed). As I work through the medical maze and insurance paperwork that accompanies such things I have realized that I have time to think. You may surmise that a statement like this odd but hear me out…

My “normal” day usually starts at 5:00 A.M. followed by a nearly 50 mile commute through the worst traffic in the state of Washington, then a full work day and another 50 mile commute through the worst traffic in the state of Washington. You get the idea. Now that I have been at home for a spell, it struck me this morning as I listen to Mozart that I have a few moments to contemplate my situation as it is and how I would like it to be.

Time to think about the past, present and future. The mistakes that I have made, the triumphs that I have had, the good and the bad things I have done for myself and for others. Time keeps rolling, it cares not what we do, into the future it moves like we are not even here as it has always done.

Take some of your “time” this week and think about what is important to you. Is it your wife or husband, your home and children or all of these or none of them? What is important to you? Really important, only you can answer that question. An important question it is though and one that takes some “time” to ponder properly.

In my interim status I have the rare occasion to mull over many things and as it has been written long before any of us were here…”there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.

Never take for granted your health, family, home or job for you never know when they will pass away from you life.


Be well.


Mind your own business

As I explore myself and how to find my own path to walk along, I have
stumbled across a simple but powerful concept. To put it simply,
because it is simple, live your own business. How does this stratagem
work? It is so basic that it is easy to dismiss it out of hand until
you really think about it for a moment and do some self-exploration.

In Byron Katie’s book “Loving what is”, she talks about three
businesses. The following are examples; your business, other people’s
business and God’s business. God’s/the Universes/The Architects/Spirit (insert your creator here) 
depending on the reader’s point of view here would be things like
natural disasters, the weather, the seasons and basically anything
that we have no control over.

Other peoples businesses are anything that they do and how they live
their lives for good or bad. Your business is what you do with your
life good or bad. We spend a lot of time making ourselves miserable by
living in other people’s business and in God’s/the Universes/The
Architects business instead of our own.

Being busy trying to run other’s lives leaves no time for you to run
your life. Blaming others for perceived wrongs, cussing at traffic or
the weather or the price of gas are some examples of living outside of
your own life. Depression, anger, anxiety and old fashioned insanity
ensue from this behavior.

Now how to decipher this problem in a nutshell is to catch yourself;
for example when you think someone should do something the way you
want them to do it you are not living your own business. See how that
feels? It is crazy and futile. That other person is going to do what
they are going to do no matter what you think and to try to change
others is a sure way to make yourself unhappy.

The only person that you have the power to change is you. One of the
ways to do this is to mind your own business (live in your own
reality, not try to invade someone else’s). Like Bryon Katie says in
her book, “you can argue with reality, but you will lose 100 percent
of the time”.

Reality is simply this, others are going to do what they are going to
do and no amount of prying/nagging/manipulating is going to change
them from what they want to do. The sooner that you accept that fact
the closer you will be to living in your own business. Running your
life takes plenty of attention and there is no time like the present
to get started.

If you catch yourself thinking or saying someone “should” or
“shouldn’t” do something then you are well on your way to opening your
awareness to a new way of thinking. Be gentle with yourself this is
retraining of the mind and just like a new physical exercise it takes
time and effort. Trial and error will guide you as well as your heart.

Be aware,


Believing your own thoughts

Do you believe what you think? Sometimes I do and in doing so I put myself in danger. When encountering something or someone we make judgements and think we know everything that we need to. Then a story is built up around what we think and a framework that sets us apart from reality is constructed.

This is trap that we all fall into and it separates us from what is true. It causes pain in our minds. Our perceptions are based on our suppositions not our experiences. We believe our own press of what we think is. Most of the time I would say that you and I are just plain wrong.

Let’s say for a moment that you saw a picture and it was of a family member and they make comments on that picture (on Facebook for instance) without thinking or inquiring into your own feelings emotions you have a negative thought about this person. How could they say that you might ask yourself?! How could they be so callous and uncaring about your feelings?

I have news for you, its is simply this, it is not about you and it never was. The only problem here is that your perception of reality is distorted. Your feelings don’t even come into it. The reason that you have hurt feelings over something like the example above is that you don’t yet realize and need to is that other people don’t do anything because or in spite of you.

If we spend time trying to live in other’s business’s and not take care of our own (for example: Telling everyone how they should run their lives) we will continually suffer for it. Living your life and being aware of who you are without judgement of anyone else is the way to personal freedom.

The next time that you feel that you want to comment on something some one has said or done, stop yourself and ask a question…How will I feel and who will I be if I don’t think that thought? How will the rest of my day go if I just let that person or situation develop that way it is going to anyway without my help, emotion or comment?


Something to think about…




Different think on being different

On my last post about a probable conflict in the Middle East I received a comment from a new reader about how he thought I was mis-guided about human behavior and the control of resources. I will admit that he had his history correct, his comments were also in line with reality. However; history is often changed by a small group of people or even one person who is willing to think differently and act or speak, whichever is appropriate for the occasion.

If people think the same way for a day, month, year, decade or centuries they will get the same results. Different think is needed here. The courage to think different, to act different to be different is key. Mankind  has up to this point, killed, subjugated and manipulated others for the resources of this planet as my reader has pointed out. Of course he is sadly correct about his comments and opinions.

My point is simply this; does it always have to be so? Can anyone of us stand up and say it is time for change? I believe that I am doing just that. My words even if unpopular or plain wrong in others view are my words. Killing is wrong for political purposes.

There are a few reasons to kill other humans. Defense of self, your home and family or the defense of the weaker among us is not only permitted morally and ethically in my book, but required. Predators are to be dealt with, with the only language they know, matching violence.

It is never my intention to offend through putting my thoughts into this blog, but to encourage both myself and others think about the positions that they hold.

Now go about your day and think differently and don’t be afraid to take some arrows for your view of the world. It is all good and part of  “on being different”.

Be well,