“There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.”


~ Miyamoto Musashi ~


The modern life with all of its wisdom as wonderful as it can be at times is hollow. Advertising agencies, government, public institutions and the like would have you believe that you have to seek all of your answers and information from them. When you seek “your” truth by looking outside of self (heart-self), you become a volunteer (notice I did not say victim), nay a willing participant in manipulation and hypnosis.

Notice how you feel after watching a television commercial. Do you want what they are advertising? Are you hungry after that burger commercial? Are you feeling a sense of discontent? Do the words or images go through your mind like a song stuck in your head? Congratulations! The advertisers of said product have hooked you. They manipulated your attention; put you into a suggestable state of mind with a catchy tune and bright flashy colors, and you never even noticed.


Now imagine if you will a young child maybe 2-4 years old. That young child is still developing mentally as well as physically. A precious child, which we as parents unknowingly throw to the wolves of consumerism every time we let them watch television or go on the internet without supervision.  That young child will be bombarded by thousands of advertisements and influences blasting through our televisions until they are adults. All the while a lesson is being taught…consume.


Manipulation comes from outside of us and television and the internet are just two of the newest and sadly most effective ways to influence and manipulate the masses. Stop participating in the manipulation of your life. Stop believing everything that you are told without thought. Stop looking to politicians to fix your problems. Wake up! The politicians and media want you to stay asleep; that way the manipulation is easier and you feel nothing.


You are the only one that can change your life, by work, by struggle; by thought and deep consideration of what is “your” truth and what it means to you. Seek nothing outside of yourself.








Lost in a sea of doubt. Unsure of my next move.

The world so fearful, so dangerous, so out of the groove.

The media pushes fear, rage and our hopes are dashed like waves crashing against the rocks.

Once protectors, now our seeming oppressors, a tool of the desperate state…the cops.

Safety is an illusion it has been said. It is just as true today as in the past.

We are only as safe as we can make ourselves, to no avail at times.

For the worst of us keep committing crimes. They care not for you, but what they can take.

Train and arm yourself, to keep your family and home safe.

Give up the fantasy my friends, safety is never guaranteed.

Learn to use the gun, the knife, they are tools that you will need.

What is really important

As one grows older and hopefully wiser in life, you start to find yourself thinking about what is important to you. To me it is the simple things, a love of a great wife, the comfort that two small dogs bring, the warmth of a home on a cold winter day. You know the things that we so often take for granted.

I have lost these things before and paid dearly for them in emotional costs, monitory costs, and the loss of my dignity and self-esteem. Over time all those things were recovered and surpassed. Even though at one time I gave up and almost lost everything including my life, somehow I was lucky and the circumstances that could have been dire, turned out well for me in the long run.

I have learned through hard experience that what is really important is not what you drive, where you live or where your kids go to school. The important things to me are the love of a good woman, a warm home and the pain and suffering that I have gone through in order to recognize that the simple things are important. In the end we take nothing with us, just as we came into this existence with nothing.

Take some time today and look at your life. Only you can ask and answer the question of what is really important to you. Keep it simple, keep it honest and look into that place that only you can go and you might find a different answer to your own question.

In this time of year when commercialism


is king, when advertising is so pervasive in all of the media outlets, when we are told to buy, buy, buy, stop for a minute and ask yourself what is really important. Is it things, or is it people. Only you can answer that question for yourself honestly.

This is not a test but only a passing thought from someone who has pondered the question many times and gained the knowledge of what matters to me most.



We  are connected you and I. Connection can take many forms, you are reading the words that  I have written here, hence connection. Our children are connected to us through DNA and experience and love. We are connected to our pets through caring for and loving them as well.

Connections can also come in the form of electronic/social media, video, music and good old-fashioned conversation. Whenever two or more people interact there is an exchange of energy. That energy can come in the form of thoughts, feelings, facial expressions and many other ways.

When we read a book there is a potent visual connection of energy that is formed in the mind, from the author to the reader. If we are viewing a picture of lets say an ocean and we really like the ocean; we will have a wonderful feeling about what we are seeing. Likewise if we are looking at a picture of the ocean and we hate the water we will also have a feeling, maybe of fear of a bad experience we had as a child with the ocean.

In all of life’s wonders there are both exchange and manipulation of energy that can only be experienced not really described. This energy connects us to places as well. Animals are very aware of sensing and using this connection too. Animals live their lives in the moment. They are very Zen like, they eat when hungry, sleep when tired and play when happy!

If only most of us stodgy adults could remember that (me included), so I am not pointing fingers at anyone before I point them at myself first. Take the time to connect to the energy around you through direct experience with nature, animals, a good book,  a discussion with a loved one or good friend, a motorcycle ride…however you like to charge yourself up.

Connect with life and yourself; learn to see your inner light and let it shine.

Be well,




I have been…

An unbeliever.















Tomorrow is my 50th birthday, what have I learned from the first chapter of my life that is about to close to open the second and final chapter? I have learned that…

I am a believer.

I am kind.

I am willing.

I am forgiven.

I am happy.

I am forgiving.

I am powerful.

I am healthy.

I am loved.

I am fair.

I am friendly.

I am faithful.

I am popular (with small groups).

I am prepared.


Am I all of these things everyday? No, I wish I was that good; frankly I am not, but I try.

We are many things to many people and we are many things to ourselves. We all wear different masks that represent our personality. Some good and some bad, but all of these parts play into who we are.


Be good to yourself.



Two years

I have been blogging for a little over two years now. I threw out on Face Book today the idea of closing up shop. I did receive some great feedback from three people. Three. I guess it makes me wonder if I should put the effort in continuing. I am not asking for a consensus and I will make the final decision in the next few days.

The whole idea of writing a blog was to improve my writing skills and entertain and inform if I could do that at the same time. I believe that goal has been accomplished. Receiving comments from other bloggers has been a highlight of the experience as there are some great ones on the internet.

I will give this question some consideration. Thank you to those who have given me encouragement to continue.