What has happened to the country I grew up in? When I was younger people took great pride in being patriotic Americans. Now we are a country divided along political lines.

This division of conservative and liberal is really a division of city dwellers and those who live in rural areas. I know of what I speak, for I was raised in a small isolated town, and now live within throwing distance of one of the most liberal cities in the US outside of California.

I understand that this is a simplyfication of this line of thought because there are many conservatives that live in the cities of our country.

When did being a patriotic American become a crime? When did simply wanting to have a safe homeland for all of us become something to be shouted down and attacked for?

The courts and the educational system has produced a couple of generations of people now who do not have critical thinking skills, who would have and should have at the very least questioned the media, politician’s and the courts motives.

Instead more and more of us were forced to the cities just to make a living. The thing that I have noticed about this is that when you get large groups of people together (cities) they go mad.

Madness is what is happening. My proof? Run away vagrant populations in most of our cities. City councils more than willing to tax large business, the very ones who are employing hundreds of thousands of people. Then blaming those very businesses for creating the vagrant problem.

Note I did not use the word homeless. In my opinion homelessness is a temporary condition when people run into hard times and need a little help. I understand the difference because for a short time in the early 80’s my wife and myself were without housing. (homeless)

We did not sit on the street and panhandle, harass or assault anyone. (vagrant) We got busy and pulled ourselves back together and asked for help and assistance which was paid back in full.

Madness and mental illness over runs our towns, cities and public spaces and it is allowed by the political system who professes that these people are in need of help. Ok I will admit that most are in need of help, however over and over again I see people sleeping in the street, along railways etc. in what I can only describe as madness. The true homeless, the people who don’t stay that way long, they take the help provided and they get back on their feet as soon as they can.

Vagrants continue on with deficating in the street and refuse help as they take over sidewalks of our cities with tent mansions filled full of mental illness and drug use, refusing all outreach by those well meaning.

Madness allowed by the very governments that talk about compassion and inclusiveness. It’s a lie designed to pull on the heart strings of those very people who were not taught how to reason and think critically.

Where this will end I have no idea, but for me and my family we are leaving the cities as soon as possible.



Ok, so what comes next?

Entropy is a bitch. Make friends with it.


Don’t let anyone tell you that they know what happens after your bodily processes cease to function. No one really knows, but some who have “passed through the veil” and returned, have seen a glimpse.


Some see God, some see deceased relatives welcoming them to heaven. Then some see a dark place, a place of rest…oblivion. Those people’s stories are what I am interested in. Why is their experience with death so different than the souls that see God and heaven? I have a theory; the individuals that find that place of oblivion are at peace with death. They know that everyone and everything is subject to entropy.


Entropy, it is not just a destroyer but a recycler or sorts. Entropy is an “inevitable truth” of things. There is more to the story as you will see. Entropy works along the opposite line as well. Death, Destruction, the passage of time, an instrument of Entropy/Life, growth, development, reproduction, old age (if you are lucky) and Death that gives life to other beings. Trees grow up and take in the nutrients of their fallen ancestors. Yes the circle of Life is driven by Death and Death is driven by Life.


Humans are afraid of Death because of its seeming permanence. We spend so much time as a race running from Death, all the while knowing in our hearts no matter what religious or spiritual belief that we may hold dear to us…that Death will outpace us someday and we will submit to the final embrace. Religion is based on the fear of Death. The question is not how we should prepare for Death and the afterlife, but how are you living today?


Are you a decent human being? Do you try to help others when you can? Do you take care of your family? Do you show loyalty to your friends and loved ones? Friends that is all that we can do as people. Do the best you can every day and if you can make a difference in someone’s life. Be the superhero for the person that needs it. We are only here for a short time. Examine how you feel about Death. Don’t shy away, talk to Death. Make it your friend and hang out with it. Death isn’t to be feared any more than Life is.


Entropy is inevitable, make a peace treaty with it now while you still have a say in at least your part of the relationship. Maybe if you find the reasons you are afraid to die, then you might find a more compelling reason to live a full life.




“There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.”


~ Miyamoto Musashi ~


The modern life with all of its wisdom as wonderful as it can be at times is hollow. Advertising agencies, government, public institutions and the like would have you believe that you have to seek all of your answers and information from them. When you seek “your” truth by looking outside of self (heart-self), you become a volunteer (notice I did not say victim), nay a willing participant in manipulation and hypnosis.

Notice how you feel after watching a television commercial. Do you want what they are advertising? Are you hungry after that burger commercial? Are you feeling a sense of discontent? Do the words or images go through your mind like a song stuck in your head? Congratulations! The advertisers of said product have hooked you. They manipulated your attention; put you into a suggestable state of mind with a catchy tune and bright flashy colors, and you never even noticed.


Now imagine if you will a young child maybe 2-4 years old. That young child is still developing mentally as well as physically. A precious child, which we as parents unknowingly throw to the wolves of consumerism every time we let them watch television or go on the internet without supervision.  That young child will be bombarded by thousands of advertisements and influences blasting through our televisions until they are adults. All the while a lesson is being taught…consume.


Manipulation comes from outside of us and television and the internet are just two of the newest and sadly most effective ways to influence and manipulate the masses. Stop participating in the manipulation of your life. Stop believing everything that you are told without thought. Stop looking to politicians to fix your problems. Wake up! The politicians and media want you to stay asleep; that way the manipulation is easier and you feel nothing.


You are the only one that can change your life, by work, by struggle; by thought and deep consideration of what is “your” truth and what it means to you. Seek nothing outside of yourself.







Pogo 8.17.2010


Many of us profess that the system we have is a mess.
What do we do about it though? Some would say it is just a show.
Animals by the millions slaughtered each year. So, so many die in fear.

Eating those beings that we say we care about, killing them to feed our mouths.
Animals feel fear and pain just like we do, but a blind eye is turned at the table.
Feeding our children the anguish and terror of these animals telling them it is all a fable.

I speak today for the animals, the ones that are eaten and those ignored and neglected.
My heart speaks to your heart, please stop eating others, they need our protection not exploitation.
It is our job as humans…protection.

Would you eat your dog? Or cat? Does it break your heart to even think that?
Pigs, chickens, cows and the like. They are no different than your family pet.
Take a chance, make a bet. That you will stop today. Stop killing and eating animals!

Look into the eyes of any animal and what do you feel? Indifference, respect, love?
We are part of a the web of life, not at the top of the heap because humans will one day sow what they reap.
Take a stand, eat a vegetable, root or fruit. They will keep you alive and well…

By not sending another animal through hell.
JP ~ December 2015.

Alone with the rocks

Alone with the rocks.

Sitting on the rocks at the end of his days, the only feeling left to him was abandonment.

His children had long ago left him behind. Believing their mothers lies about his life.

The time passed and hardened the old man into a rock, very much like the ones that he sat on now.

Rocks know nothing of pain and loss, or do they?

They have seen every kind of creature that this world could make and the rise of civilizations… their fall as well.

Reflecting on his life, he did feel like a stone, heavy, burdened and ready to sink into the Earth, to be received by the mother. To rest.

The feelings of what others think of him had long ago been overcome, the echoes of that song a mist.

What matter is it to a rock? Rocks have their brothers and sisters and the Earth mother for company.

I have not one person left that I can trust, to share or to talk to he thought.

It was then at his lowest point he realized that his presence is no longer needed here.

I have served my purpose here. Nothing left to do but to wait for the Earth to rotate into the lonely darkness.

As the shadows grow longer, I will wait here sitting alone with my friends the rocks.

They will tell me what I should do.



Lost in a sea of doubt. Unsure of my next move.

The world so fearful, so dangerous, so out of the groove.

The media pushes fear, rage and our hopes are dashed like waves crashing against the rocks.

Once protectors, now our seeming oppressors, a tool of the desperate state…the cops.

Safety is an illusion it has been said. It is just as true today as in the past.

We are only as safe as we can make ourselves, to no avail at times.

For the worst of us keep committing crimes. They care not for you, but what they can take.

Train and arm yourself, to keep your family and home safe.

Give up the fantasy my friends, safety is never guaranteed.

Learn to use the gun, the knife, they are tools that you will need.

Steel gray skies

Steel Gray skies.

Looking out the slim window a steel gray sky shows through.

Proof that the outside world is still present.

Green trees, falling leaves, the Northern Hemisphere stretches and yawns.

Awaiting the first snow to put asleep all the rich people’s lawns.

The hustle and bustle of the holday’s season, the stress and depression start anew.

For those who only wish for a meal, a warm place to sleep and some safety.

Warm and snug in our beds with lights and food and heat.

Once again he starts out cold and hungry on his endless beat.

Walking to stay warm, to keep his head up. Such a burden, holding the world on his shoulders.

All the while the rich in their keeps, doing cocaine, rocks sizes like boulders.

One more night, it’s all I can do.

To see that steel gray sky again in the morning, what a privilege to live even if it is one more day.

As the people walk by noticing not, the man with bent shoulders, who walked all night just to stay alive.


As the Earth warms a dignity arises anew, like the sun shining in a steel gray sky.